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Latest Articles

Trend Analysis for 2019
01 Dec 2018

Sofa Source International Trend Analysis for 2019

With January just weeks away, it's not unusual for designers and furniture lovers to be talking about furniture trends for 2019.

So if you are also searching for the next big trends, this article will give you the perfect head start on what trends would be on the home front in the coming year.


Here are the top 10 furniture and design trends you should expect in 2019.


#1. A Spike of Natural Fabrics

Next year would see a move towards warm and more natural fabrics materials. These materials would be used across homes on cushions, upholstery furniture etc.; signifying a step away from flashy and crazy modern designs towards more natural and warm decors. The fascination for natural materials is already evident with an increase in the demand for natural texture such as stones, terrazzo and others.

The surprising fact is that these natural textiles can complement diverse styles from boho to Scandi, French country and every other style you can think of. Look ahead towards more natural elements.


#2. Mid-Century Modernism

The trendy Mid-century modernism style isn’t going anywhere. It’s one interior trend that never goes out of style and in 2019; we will see more of the mid-century modern vibes. The classic chairs and cocktail cabinet are a masterpiece, influencing modern interior design trends. Its widespread usage across homes and luxury hotels and bars is as a result of its fitting across various environments. As you plan your home décor for the new year, have it at the back of your mind that the Mid-century never goes out of style.



#3. More Velvet

Velvet has never really faded away; although it had featured less in the past few years, it had made a significant impact on various designs from upholsteries to bed. And the increased demand for the fabric in the past few months shows a craving for the luxurious and fancy velvet.
Who wouldn’t want a dynamic velvet bed and sofa? Its rich material composition and sensational feel make it the ideal fabric to adorn the luxurious décor in every home. Its comfort and fancy provide a quality that facilitates some of the most alluring pieces of furniture.



#4. Curvy designs

Just like the mid-century modern trend, 2019 will see continuous gravitation towards curvy design aesthetic. It wasn’t surprising when we noticed it as a potential trend in all the lists from top designers. The amazing vibe, unique colors and shapes will translate into a dynamic interior masterpiece, a shift away from common design trends. As for colors, we expect an influx of bold colors like the navy blue, citrine, forest green etc. It adds the missing sense of whimsical in the design scene.



#5. More Green

Just as outdoor plants can’t go out of style, indoor green plants will continue to trend, as we move away from tech-obsessed designs. We will see more of the Chinese money plant and several other green plants with patterned leaves.
You can lighten your home with a high-quality artificial plant if you aren’t comfortable with the real thing. It all boils down to your green confidence. The green trend will bring about a more natural and serene ambience, reflecting the real world in your urban abode. They perfectly highlight the splendor of the interior in your home.


#6. Art Deco

With several newer styles about to dominate the interior and design space, Art deco seem like the next big thing. Design experts had hinted of the potential of Art Deco style becoming a major trend.

We expect to see It become influencing design and furniture trends in 2019. Not just random designs, but were evident in the detailing of variety of furniture from chairs, table and others. After all, everyone wants a touch of glamour, and that’s precisely what the Art deco style provides.

#7. Multifunctional Furnishings

As the trend towards smart and adaptable designs continues to blaze through the interior world, we expect the emergence of diverse choices of fascinating multi-purpose furnishings.
Say hello to furnishings that can adapt to different interior settings, and has diverse styles to fit in your most demanding spaces.  Compact and Multipurpose furnishing will make a major splash in 2019, as more people begin to appreciate the concept.



#8. Boho Reemerges

While many interior design trends have a sellout date, Boho never fades. Its influence in the interior design world has been a reference for several modern designs. Its limited use was due to the rush away from more relaxing and fresher decors towards expressive designs trends. Feelers of its reemergence didn’t come to us as a surprise.
It brings a bold and confident vibe inspired by the Boho chic of the seventies; an era-defining décor characterized with a touch of bigness and unique shapes.


#9. Retro trend

The retro inspiration is visible in many trendy designs today. Many designs remain focused and motivated by the warm and cosy retro feel. And with more and more people moving towards urban city dwelling, it’s only a matter of time before the retro style takes center stage in the design trend. We have seen instances of renowned brands and designers that utilizes the dynamic retro style to create unique artistic features. We will see more elegant movable furniture settings in modern urban homes.


#10. Homemade, Custom Pieces

The past few years have seen a change in the way people shop for home décor. People are no longer satisfied with mass-produced items; they want to know the stories of how the piece was made and where it came from. This resurgence is expected to continue in the New Year, as more people turn to homemade and crafted pieces. The trend is evident in the surging popularity of platforms that promote handmade products like Etsy.

Knitted textures are trendy presently and can be found in pillows, rugs and throws. Pleats, embroidery, raw fabric edges also bring the cosy, homelike feel.

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Dulux Colour of the Year 2019
07 Aug 2017

Every year Dulux color specialists from the Global Aesthetic Center get together with international design experts and architects to discuss the new global trends that will affect us all. We then work on transforming these insights into one key color that will have an impact on homes all over the world. Around this we create four beautiful palettes with a mood and style to suit everyone.Spiced Honey is a beautifully versatile color that can create a whole range of moods, depending on the palette you combine it with. Take a look at this guide to using Spiced Honey in your home and decide which color palette suits your style best.

The announcement of the “colors of the year” by specialists from the Global Aesthetic Center is a yearly defining moment when we get insight on the key colors that will adorn homes in the New Year. Once chosen, these colors are destined to be seen across various interior designs and furniture innovations.

The color specialist has unveiled the Spiced honey as the color for 2019. The spiced honey comes with beautiful palettes that can transform the mood of your home with it’s“Let the light in” theme. It has a warm amber shade that perfectly reflects the sense of new optimism and positivity.

It's easy-to-use palette empowers you with various possibilities of interior styling to reflect your mood. It perfectly blends with a broad range of colors to enhance the sparkle of your furniture and interiors.

Versatile of Styles

Spice honey inspires a variety of amazing tones. You can achieve whatever atmosphere you wish to create for your home, from calm to cozy, soothing or vibrant. With the right furniture style and placement, you can get a fresh and energizing environment around your home.

Our trend experts have reported an increase in the usage of grey shade across various fashion, furniture, and design innovations. We will see more of these colors popping up on throw pillows, upholsteries, area rugs, and other design and furniture trend as more people begin to appreciate the sophisticated shade.

Lots of Complementary Colors

‚ÄčThe elegant tone of the shade creates an atmosphere of calm and warmth. Whether it’s a room or kitchen, the shade inspires an environment that’s elegant, yet relaxed. Its adaptability with other dark and neutral colors makes it easier to match your furniture and different interiors. The gold tone combines perfectly with rich neutrals, soft pink and sophisticated deep blue. The Spice Honey palette has the ideal colors to grace the space you love. It goes with Mid-century furniture, graphic textiles and rugs to give your home a soothing and yet stylish look. Bold graphic shapes, Pretty fabrics, and classic polished wood also makes your home stay warm and inviting.

Room for Creativity

The fantastic blend of honeyed colors inspires action and allows you to try different styles. With various colors that blend easily at your disposal, you are not short of options. Take charge of your surrounding and bring your home to life with the perfect color mix that suits your mood.

Dark shades are perfect for front doors and cabinetries. They are also the ideal colors to grace your room walls. They would likely blend well with your existing furniture and interior decors. Most manufacturers are already churning out designs in these styles; hence, it is easy to find the perfect pick.

Pick up your paintbrush and style your home with these sleek and modern colors. A mix of soft neutrals will add a sense of calm to your bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. You can add brighter colors to perk it up more and create a glamorous look.

Transform your home into the hub of positive energy with these vivid colors and a fantastic blend of furniture. "Let the light in."

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