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Our team in Haining – Having a China office gives us the leading edge in the global furniture market.

13 Sep 2019 |

In the current global marketplace where volatile currencies and uncertain politics can adversely affect international trade, we at Sofa Source have taken concrete and practical steps to stay ahead of the crowd. 

We are most appreciative of our trusted global partnerships and good business relationships all around the world.   Sofa Source have a permanent office space and a dedicated team located in Haining.  This is where we cultivate our reputation for competitive prices, realistic lead times and delivery of high quality furniture. Making us a leading light in the world of innovative design and excellent standards of manufacturing.

It is an incredible asset for our company and places us ahead of competition in terms of reliability, service and easy accessibility to the very best in innovative furniture designs with a common language and unrivalled local knowledge.

Through our Haining office, Sofa Source is in a unique position when it comes to understanding an interpreting local markets and of cultivating trusted partnerships to ensure good quality and great prices. 

Our office in China places us well ahead of leading competitors simply because our supply chain security is second to none. The Haining office of Sofa Source has just moved to a new office location reflecting our commitment to continued global partnerships.   Our team, a mix of both Irish and Chinese people are skilled, approachable and truly diverse professionals who have a full working knowledge of the local markets both home and abroad. 

Our clients feel the full benefit of our representation in the China market. We literally take the headache out of the importation of the highest quality furniture products because we speak the common languages, posses local knowledge of mills and suppliers and have a proven track record in distributing to over 20 countries world-wide.

Accurate lead times and competitive pricing are a direct result of having a presence at the heart of the Chinese furniture industry.   Sofa Source have experience in working with wholesalers and retailers throughout the design, testing, certifying and branding process, which means that your products arrives correctly every time. However, in the unlikely event of issues or problems, our valued clients know that a dedicated account execuitive in Ireland will liaise with the team in China to secure a speedy and satisfactory resolution. A multi-geographical location ensures a trouble free positive outcome for all concerned. This, accompanied by our 2 yr warranty and the quality of products, gives the kind of confidence that today’s retailers and wholesalers need to survive.

Access to the very best in innovative, trendy and superior furniture design also gives our clients a competitive advantage, and this was particularly evident at this year’s Furniture China Annual Trade Show, where exciting new items were in abundance.   It is gratifying and quite refreshing to be able to offer these wonderful new upholstery products to our customer base.  As always, we are manufacturing this amazing quality furniture with market trends being a major consideration.   All these innovative products fully complement existing stock and reflect competitive pricing in their leading edge designs. 

The team at Sofa Source in Ireland and in Haining share the same core values for our clients. Continued honest communication, dependable and timely delivery, supply of high quality and excellent products with unrivalled support in the unlikely event of damage or delivery issues.   We maintain our good relationship with manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and retailers in the full knowledge that our future business success is intrinsically linked with that of our satisfied customers.  Today, the outlook seems bright for us all.

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