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Product Trends - On the Ground

25 Apr 2019 | Latest ArticlesIndustry Trends

Product Trends- On the Ground

From visiting various furniture factories around China, some furniture makes your head turn and others inspire. This post will give you a sense of some current product trends happening on production lines and within sample rooms.

Here’s some trends that you should have on your radar:

1. Industrial Chic

This trend could give an essence of living in a loft in Brooklyn to adding a touch of vintage to a room, depending on how far the industrial trend is incorporated. This trend can work in a variety of places; from chic bars, urban restaurants, hipster cafes to homes in need of an update. Embrace rustic style, steel and wood with this trend.

2. Curvy Aesthetics

There’s a lot more rounded, soft shaped furniture hinting at a 70’s inspired trend seen on the ground here. Curvy aesthetics are noticeable on a variety of furniture pieces from rounded swivel chairs, curved arms on motion sofas, shell shaped chairs to symmetrical sofas.

3. The Return of the Chaise

The popularity of chaise lounge originates from the 16th century France and was a sign of social status. Currently, a lot more chaises in both vintage and modern styles are working their way into R&D and sample rooms here.  The chaise will add a touch of elegance to any room.

4. Metal Finishes

Gold, brass, silver and chrome black are all having their moment in the furniture spotlight. Metal- a go to material in furniture manufacturing, is becoming more apparent in furniture design. Metal finishes add a contemporary touch to furniture pieces.

5.Innovative Technologies

Innovative electronic features in furniture design including; built in speakers, USB and wireless phone charging ports, consoles that feature cooler drink holders, along with the most popular: power recliners with electronic headrests. Its predicted that similar to the introduction of the electronic window to a car, power recliners will replace manual recliners in the foreseeable future.

The modern consumer is constantly looking for something new, innovative, inspiring as well as greater choice. The evolving trends mentioned above are what’s happening on the ground here now and will, if not already feature in retail stores in order to motivate the consumer to buy.

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